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   Article  :  Efficacy of Five Sudanese Medicinal Plant Extracts against Selected Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Editor  :  Dr.Saada Mohamed Nour Kheiry

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   Article  :  Phytochemical Analysis and Crops Growth Inhibitory Action of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Volatile Oil
Editor  :  I.A. Bashir and E.N. Mahmoud

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   Article  :  Oral Toxicity of Agro-fungicides: Tilt (Propiconazole), Milcurb Super (Ethirimol) and their Mixture to Nubian Goats
Editor  :  Y.F. Tahir and S. M. Nour

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   Article  :  The Effect 0f Olea Europaea Ethanolic Extract on Glucose Tolerance and Glucose Uptake in Hyperglycemic Rats
Editor  :  mer Musa Izz eldin Reem Hassan Ahmed; Ayat Mohammed Yousif

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   Article  :  The Effect of Two Different Binders Natural Gum Acacia and Synthetic Polyvinyl Pyrroldone on The Physieo-Chemical of Paracetamol Tablets
Editor  :  Shyoub. M. E1, Mona AM Abdelmageed; and Mohammed. R.R3

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   Article  :  Isolation and Identification of Anti-inflammatory and Anti-ulcer Flavanone from Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Cassia italica leaves.
Editor  :  Abdel Karim, M., Adil ,A.M2., Abd Elrazig, E .H.2, Kamal ,E.3 and Kamal ,M.S.1

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   Article  :  Phytochemical analysis of leaves extract of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh
Editor  :  Mohamed El Hasan Shayoub, Azza Dawoud Hussien Dawoud, Mona AM Abdelmageed ,Ali M Ehassan4. Ahmad M Ehassan

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