Under the Theme:Sudan initiative Harmoniztion of Pharmacy Education and Practice

Wellcom to Conference

Dear colleagues

            Hereby we welcome you and announce the invitation for abstract submissions to participate in the 1st International Conference of Omdurman Islamic University, Faculty of pharmacy and the 18th Scientific Congress of the Association of the Pharmacy Colleges in the Arab World under the theme of:

Sudan initiative: Harmonization of pharmacy education and practice.


 The conference will be held in Khartoum, Sudan on 18-20 November 2015 The conference will offer a versatile scientific program, in order to attract scientists from all fields of Pharmaceutical sciences. Like its predecessors, the conference will offer opportunities to exchange scientific ideas and create networks between people from academia, industry and regulatory authorities as well as between young and established scientists and professionals. The program consists of lectures from well-known experts in different areas of pharmaceutical science but there is also a special emphasis to give younger researchers an opportunity to present their research in an international environment. Khartoum has its roots in the junction of Blue and White Niles and is often referred to as the daughter of the Niles. Khartoum is full of great beautifulness and cultural diversity and it is known as a friendly and safe. Khartoum and Sudan have a long and internationally acclaimed the richer folklore in Africa.


Dr. Elnazeer Ibrahim Mohamed

Dean of Faculty