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About Sudan

Republic of Sudan is an Afro-Arab country, located in northeast Africa at the middle of Nile Valley basin, bordered to the east by Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Egypt from the north and from the west by Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic and to the south by the State of South Sudan.
Nile River divides the territory of Sudan into two sides (eastern and western). The capital Khartoum is located at the joint of the Blue and the White Nile (Almogran).

The main official language is Arabic as well as some local languages, which reach more than 300 languages and the official currency is the pound.

Sudan is rich of tourism areas and on different types and that due to the diverse geographical, historical and cultural environments. Also there is several natural reserves characterized by varied wildlife, plants and climates and constitute a popular destination for researchers and tourists interested in wildlife. 

  • Sudan National Museum
  • Al-mogran
  • Roman kiosk in Naqaa
  • Kitchener gate in Suakin
  • Sbelloukp Waterfall
  • Starling (Dindir natural reserve)
  • Ghazal (Dindir natural reserve)
  • Volcanic Crater Lake on top of Jebel Marra
  • Begrawiya pyramids at Meroe
1 Sudan National Museum 2 Al-mogran3 Roman kiosk in Naqaa4 Kitchener gate in Suakin5 Sbelloukp Waterfall 6 Starling (Dindir natural reserve) 7 Ghazal (Dindir natural reserve) 8 Volcanic Crater Lake on top of Jebel Marra9 Begrawiya pyramids at Meroe10