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Faculty of Nursing Sciences at the OIU celebrates the graduation of the first batch

Faculty of Nursing Sciences celebrated the graduation of the first batch in the Female Students Campus, on 1st June 2016 and their number has reached more than 150 female graduates.
 Professor Hassan Abbas Hassan, the OIU vice-chancellor, addressed the activities of the celebration, praising the efforts that have been done in the development of the faculty of Nursing Sciences, despite recent inception, he congratulated the graduates on what they achieved and earned from high degrees, adding that these graduates are a real bonus for the profession of nursing and medical professions in general, specially that there is a shortage in this specialty. Calling for the need to open more nursing faculties in universities to contribute in filling the gap of this specialization, noting that the faculty of Nursing Sciences has deepened significantly in the society by providing service projects, particularly in the southern countryside (Salha), that qualified it to earn a lot of good fruits.
At the same side  Dr. Doria Abdul Rahim, dean of the College of Nursing Science, welcomed the attendees and thanked all those who contributed to the overall development and said: "College today has  157 female graduates represent the first and second batch and the percentage of acceptance of this faculty is more than 80%," calling for the need to pay attention for  Nursing faculties to perform its mission as required. She pointed out that the faculty graduate missionary cadres, their slogan is quality and excellence and dedication to work.



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