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The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan





The establishing of religion Fundamentals faculty goes back to establishment  of  Omdurman learning Institute in the year 1333, 1912 AB, where the first batch was graduated  in the year 1345 in accordance with 1924 AB ,this relation was that all subjects of were taught in the Institute for four years ,and the graduated was considered as specialized in Islamic Studies , starting with Holy Qur’an , interpretation , Qur’an Knowledge’s , Hadieth and its sciences , Al Figh , Inheritance and unification .
  Subject of the faculty of religion Fundamentals , after moderating Omdurman Learning Institute , they were taught amongst subject of Sharia Faculty , and Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies .
 In the year 1394 in accordance with 1973 AB , came the Faculty of Islamic Studies to specialize in teaching subjects of Fundamentals of religion , and in the middle of seventieth its name was change into Faculty of fundamentals of religion and Education , up to the year 1412 in accordance with 1991 AB , where the faculty of Education was separated and become an independent faculty , and the faculty of Fundamentals of religion under its present name (affairing ) its product in Islamic Studies through a number of specialized  sections . And in the year 1421 in accordance with 2000 AB a section for Reading was established to be a kind of addition to enrich the specialization of the faculty .


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