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The OIU Council meeting


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



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1- The University Council has been constituted according to the Article (8_1) of OIU Act 1995. Article (9) of OIU Act defined the Functions and powers of the Council.
2 -The Council seeks to achieve the purposes of the university setting out in the OIU Act of 1995 and the act of organizing Higher Education and scientific research for the year 1995 within the framework of the national policy for higher education and scientific research.
3 - Formulates policies and plans to develop the university and improve its performance scientifically, educationally, administratively, financially, and modernize its working methods and techniques.
4 – discusses the proposals of University annual budget, which brought and permitted by the executive and financial Affairs Committee and then upwards to the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research (refers to it in the National Council) and follow up implementation of the budget certified, including the final report and the preparation of closing account of the budget and its publication.
5 - Sets the development plan for the University, authorizes development budget proposals and submit them to the National Council.
6 – Establishes or cancels faculties, schools, institutes, centers, departments, university hospitals and any other institutional investors. Identifies locations within the university or anywhere else inside the Country or recommends to the competent authority to be converted to any other university, and accepts the enrollment of faculties and institutes. Moreover gives its members the right to enjoying any of the advantages of the university. all this upon the recommendation of the senate
7 – Sets out the conditions and regulations of the educational qualifications required to accept students according to the Senate recommendation and submit them to the National Council.
8 - Determines the number of students and their academic specialties and providing the resources required for the policy framework determined by the National Council.
9 - Sets policy tuition and fees according to the standards determined by the National Council.
10 - Recommends Creating and cancelling jobs of the OIU and submits them to the National Council for endorsement.
11- Endorses the annual report provided by the Vice-chancellor about OIU scientific, administrative and financial performance.
12 - Possesses behalf of OIU any funds, redeployed or real estate, and keeps them in the convenient way, taking into account the legal right of the National Council to issue any directives in this respect. Develops university funds and investment through the contribution in companies, partnerships or projects and uses the revenue for the OIU welfare, taking into account the right of the National Council to issue any directives in this regard.
13 - Accepts donations, gifts, endowments and commandments. It  Determines the aspects of utilization of these funds that does not in contradiction with the purposes of the university policy, taking into account the conditions of the donor.
14 - Borrows what is needed to borrow of the amounts from time to time to carry out its work and guarantee any movables or real estate owned by the University.
15 – Organizes the university accounts and revises the account books exactitude to restrict all funds received by the university and disposal funds with their assets and liabilities, so that they could explain their transactions as determined by the law, statutes and regulations.
16 - Grants Non-scientific awards for those who are considered worthy in accordance with the OIU regulations.

17 - Issues the statutes and regulations necessary to carry out its function, implements its terms of reference and practice its authorities according to the OIU law. These regulations considered valid from the date of  council president unless another date is specified.
18 - Delegates any of its authorities except construction and cancellation ones for its president, the vice chancellor or the senate.
19 - Configures the temporary committees to assist in the performance of its duties when it deems necessary.


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