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The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



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Personal information:
Name: Seddig Mohamed Ahmed al- Aghbash Mohamed
Place and Date of Birth: Alsalama Village, River Nile State 01/01/1954.
Home Origin: Alsalama Village, Shandi, River Nile State
Nationality: Sudanese
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Married
Current address: - Alzakiab locality, Khartoum State
 Educational levels:

Primary level-  Abu Rof Primary School.

 Intermediate level- Omdurman intermediate school.

Secondary level- Omdurman secondary school.

University level- Cairo University/ branch of Khartoum and the University of el-Nileen

Academic qualifications:

-Bachelor of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University at Khartoum in 1977.
-Higher Diploma in Islamic banks and Islamic economics at Omdurman Islamic University in 1979.
-General Diploma in Management Science from Sadat's faculty of Administrative Sciences in 1985.
-Membership degree (master's) in 1992
-Bachelor of Accounting, Faculty of Commerce, University of el-Nileen in1994.
-PhD of Business Administration, Omdurman Islamic University in 2013

Training courses:

-Degree in typing and computer.
- Certificate of training specialist from the administrative training institute in the central authority for organization and Management in Cairo.
-Training certificate in the administration of Cairo University in Egypt.
- Certificate in Strategic management programs to improve competitiveness.
- Certificate of expert in International Accounting Standards from Holland.

Practical experiences:

-Administrative Assistant Personnel, 1977.
-Principal Assistant for Administrative Affairs in 1980.
-Scholarship for obtaining higher diploma in Management Sciences in 1982
-Head of Public Relations and Media unit in 1985
-Scholarship for a master's degree, 1986
-Registrar of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, 1992.
-Assistant professor to teach business administration courses, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, 1992.
-Registrar of the Faculty of Agriculture, 1996
-Director of the General Department for Training, 1998.
-Principal Assistant for Administrative Affairs, 2002
-Deputy principal, 2004
-Head of Human Recourses (HR) general Administration, 2008
-Associate Professor of Business Administration, faculty of Administrative Sciences, Omdurman Islamic University, 2013
- Principal of Omdurman Islamic University, since December 2014


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