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The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



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• Name: Al- Khider Ali Idris Mohammed
• Birth: Sudan - Northern State - Merowe - Alzumh village 1954.
• Higher Education:
• Bachelor's degree, first class in Jurisprudence, specialty (fundamentals of jurisprudence), King Abdul Aziz University, Mecca, Saudi Arabia,1980.
• Master's degree, first class, Umm Al-Qura University, Mecca, (fundamentals of jurisprudence) 1985.
• PHD degree with honors in fundamentals of jurisprudence, Umm Al-Qura University, Mecca, 1990.
• Teaching careers:
• Lecturer at the Faculty of Quran in Omdurman 1987.
• Assistant professor, University of Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences, Sudan, 1990.
• Associate professor, University of Holy Quran, March 1996.
• Professor, University of Holy Quran, April 2002.
• taught the subjects of jurisprudence and the purposes of Shari'a in the faculties of the University of the Holy Quran and various Sudanese universities, the period from 1990 up till now.
• Associate professor, University of Hadramout for Sciences and Technology, the period from 1996 to 2000
• a collaborator professor at a number of universities in Sudan.
• a visiting professor in both of Hadramout University of Sciences and Technology and the University of Sana'a for Sciences and Technology.
• Discussed and supervised a number of Masters and PHDs researches at Holy Quran University, Omdurman Islamic University, Al Jazeera University, El- Nileen University, and other Sudanese universities.
• Construction works:
• head Department of Islamic Studies, University of the Holy Quran, the period from 07/11/1992 to 27/11/1993.
• head Department of Quran at Holly Quran university itself, the period from 11/28/1993 to 07/23/1994.
• Deputy Secretary of academic Affairs at the university, the period from  24/07/1994- 01/22/1995.
• Secretary of academic affairs at the university, the period from 01/23/1995 - 12/27/1995.
• Dean faculty of Holy Quran Sciences, the period from 12/28/1995 - 10/01/1996.
• Dean Faculty of Education at the University of Hadramout for Sciences and Technology in the Republic of Yemen, the period from  10/21/1997- 26/09/1998.



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