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The OIU Council meeting


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful and the most beneficial; and blessing be upon the Prophet (pbuh). We are glad to provide an overview on OIU past, present, faculties, centers, units, plans and projects. The extensive details will be included in the public directory and then the directory of each faculty. the university increases its facilities every day and develops it's means continuously. It may be noticed that there is divergence in the founding of some faculties and University facilities. This is due to the obstacles faced university When Sudan was under the colonization, as well as during the period of post colonization. The university has been representing the conscience of the nation, maintain its heritage and protect its values. It considered all sciences applied contrary to the known division according to the teaching of Islam because it is based on wide and comprehensive overview of life aspects.
We hope that this effort will help introducing the university as a whole and to strengthen ties with institutes inside and outside the Sudan. We are looking forward to add new information to that originally deposited with the unions of international ,Islamic, African and Arabic universities which OIU enjoy their membership. To conclude with we call on God to pave our way towards bright future.
the nucleus of Omdurman Islamic University has been established in the first quarter of the fourteenth century 1321 AH, the beginning of the twentieth century 1901AD. This grate effort has been initiated by a group of faithful scientists. They used to grant license to graduates until 1911 AD.
In 1332 AH, corresponding to 1912 AD. The system was developed under the name of the Scientific Institute by the leaders of science and Islamic ideology in Sudan. The process of development continued under different names and finally it designed under the name of Omdurman Islamic University (OIU). At the beginning the studies were confined on Islamic studies and Arabic language. Then it expanded to include applied modern sciences represented on Nineteen Colleges beside two institutes, a number of centers and units and branches inside and outside Sudan, in addition to the centers of Human Development faculty inside and outside Khartoum. The expansion is continued to complete all its strategic plans.



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