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The OIU Council meeting


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



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OIU Membership in the international unions and federations:

1 / Union of International Universities: OIU membership has been since1975 during its thirtieth meeting in Niger. OIU actively participates in the activities of this Union.

2 / Union of African Universities: OIU is a founding member of this Union where membership has since 1967.

3 / Union of Arabic Universities: OIU participated in the founding conference of the Union, held in 1969 and contributed with the scientific and cultural activities to achieve the objectives of the Union in cooperation and convergence among Arab universities.

4 / Islamic Universities League: OIU is a founding member of this league in 1969.

5 /Union of the Universities of South East Africa: OIU became a member of this union, which was founded in 1984.

6 / Union of Islamic world Universities: OIU plays a prominent role as a member of this Union.


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