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The OIU Council meeting


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan


The American Islamic scholar Imam Majid visits Sudan



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Senate Establishment and Formation:

Senate is established and constitutes as follows:

1. Vice- Chancellor (president)

2. Deputy Vice- Chancellor ( member)

3. Principal (member)

4. Faculty and Schools Deans and the Dean of Student Affairs (members)

5. Librarian ( member)

6. Centers and institutes Directors  (members)

7. Heads of departments and training units (members)

8. All faculty staff holding the title of professorship (members)

9. One representative from each of the schools, institutes and centers that do not have departments (members)

10. Two representatives of students, chosen by the Students Union (members)

11. Secretary of academic affairs at the university (member and reporter)

12. Vice Deans (members)

Tasks and functions of the senate:

In addition to any tasks or functions mentioned in the University Act, the Senate should perform the following tasks and functions:

1. Submits proposals to the OIU Council concerning the conditions and regulations of the educational qualifications required for students admission in the university.

2. Organizes academic programs and exams held in the university in accordance with the statutes.

3. Designs and modifies plans for organizing faculties, schools and institutes, centers and departments and training units. Identifies materials which should taught by the above mentioned units. It submits a report to the University Council for establishing, abolishing or dividing any faculty, school, institute, center, department or a new training unit.
4. Grants scientific degrees to students successfully complete the studies adopted in the regulations.

5. Grants honor degrees and scientific awards for students considered worthy according to the regulations.

6. Awards the title of Emeritus professor.

7. Submits a report to the University Council for any order transmits to the Senate.

8. Encourages and promotes the scientific research through printing and publishing its outputs.

9. Endorse intermediate studies programs.

10. Establishes scientific councils and private committees and delegates to them its authorities except the task of granting the scientific awards.

11. Submits recommendations to the University Council on conditions and scientific basis of appointing and promoting the teaching staff.
12. Adopts convenient accountability procedures based on the recommendations of the committees formed against those convicted dishonorable deeds, from staff  members, students or who has been granted scientific or honor awards by the Senate.

13. Deprives the ones who has been convicted as moral criminal from any of scientific awards.

14. Issues the regulations to carry out its work, to implement its function and to exercise its authorities.


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